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The passion for the job well done. Keeping alive our ancestors century tradition.San Juan Tarama

We extract liquid gold from the heart of Andalusia to take it to your table.

Enjoy Spanish most genuine elixir: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra virgin olive oil 100 Caños is elaborated from the fruits harvested in the heart of Andalusia, closed to the white village of Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga, Spain.Centennial olive trees of Hojiblanca variety are the cornerstone of our brand.

Our passion is our traditions: the olive oil culture and everything relationed with it, so if u are interested we can show you or teach you a part of our knowledge.

For example we can take you to the olive groves and show you how we work with the olives, since the falmazararuit is in the tree till the oil flows in the factory.

A very interesting guided tour that includes an special breakfast with extra virgin oil, then we visit the olives groves to watch how the workers pick the fruit, after that we are going to the factory (one of the biggest and most important of all Andalucia, that´s mean the most important of the world) to see the whole process of extraction of the oil, the liquid gold, essential part of our mediterranean diet, the most healthy of the world.

After that we return to our installations and make a comparation between the old days style of getting oil and nowdays in our oil mill.

Finally we enjoy with the 3 courses lunch in our restaurant.

The price is 30€ per person and includes a little bottle of oil like presentfoto molino

(Only avalaible in winter season from October to April , olive season)


  • Rating: extra virgin olive oil
  • Olives variety: Hojiblanca
  • Hometown: Villanueva del Trabuco, Malaga, Andalusia


  • Poor clay soils with gentle slopesand poor water retention
  • HARVESTING DATE: 7/11/15bodegas aceite


  • Very dry summer, dry autumn with poor rains in September and October driving to a low olive production.
  • Delivered in 400kg boxes after picked and milled in the same day.


  • Two phases continuous system.
  • Mechanical press system.
  • 1st cold extraction with a temperature below 27 º to ensure that all flavors and aromas remain in the oil.
  • Storage in stainless steel tanks for 15 days and bottled in dark cristal 500 ml. Limited edition.


Taste 100 caños hojiblanca varietal fruitiness.

aroma del aove 100 caños

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from hojiblanca olives. An especial characteristic of this olive oil is that the fruits were collected just before reaching the peak of ripeness. This provides greater freshness and a more intense flavor.  Fruit perfume, fresh, kind bitter and medium spicy taste

Hints of tomate, green almond and banana.

Very persistent and well balance.

It is ideal for making salad dressings, sauces and for fish dishes.

A culinary advice: cut some slices of raw tuna fish and add a splash of oil. It is also excellent with cod roe and a little salt flakes.

Nutrition facts:

100g (900kca)

. Carbohydrates: 0%

. Sugars: 0%

. Proteins: 0%

. Fat: 100% (saturated 10%, polyunsaturated 10% and monounsaturated 80%)


Keep away from light and heat

Best before dic. 16